4 Days in Manila: Summary

Noel, an OFW vacationing in Manila, receives a call from his childhood friend Alex informing him that Selene is coming in to see him. Selene, is Alex's fiancee and Noel's first love. The two boys took care of Selene and her twin brother Cesar during the twins' high school days in Manila. Noel and Alex were already in college by then. It happened during Selene and Cesar's graduation ball, when Cesar decided to ask a girl he had been courting to be his date, Selene was asked by both Noel and Alex. Selene went stag after admitting to Cesar that she couldn't decide which invitation to accept. When Cesar revealed this to the two older boys, Noel and Alex have a long conversation about not having to force Selene to choose between them. It was after this conversation that Noel decided to accept a scholarship and job abroad.

Back to the phone call, Alex tells Noel that Selene wanted to talk to him about certain matters including why Noel had suddenly cut Selene off.

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