A Fleeting Moment [PG-13]

Another writing exercise.  I just had to write out a fantasy.  It's been awhile since I wrote anything beyond work-related stuff.  I hope this reads well.

I was a princess for a week.  I pampered myself with hair treatments. I bought new clothes, particularly new underwear.  I waxed my legs, my armpits, and shaved myself clean "down there".  I watched my diet, hoping to lose a few more extra pounds.  But, what was most royal was how every time I looked in a mirror, I saw a beautiful princess looking back.  She was radiant, skin glowing with excitement and eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Things had been very different the week before.  I rushed to complete all my deliverables for the month to ensure a light schedule in the days that followed.  I constructed simple lies laced with enough truth to be believable.  I prepared excuses and practiced them in my head.  I was a nervous wreck back then. My entire being wracked with guilt and still I performed every task with determination.

All this because we are meeting today.

One day, you said, out of the many years I have spent with him.  Could I be yours for one day?  Not even a day.  An afternoon, perhaps.  Yes, that would be enough.  Thank you, you said.  That was two months ago.  It had taken me a long time to agree.  I debated with myself.  I wanted to give you something you could treasure in your heart.  I wanted to be selfish about it.  I wanted to forget everyone else and everyone else's expectations.

And so, here we are.  In a  place where nobody knows us.  My heart is pounding as you take me into your arms.  You greet me with an almost innocuous peck on the forehead.  I feel the heat radiating from your aroused body.  It is the first time you kissed me.  We chat happily, like friends, as you lead me into the motel.  I watch as you retrieve our key.  As you guide me into the elevator, I hesitate a moment before reminding myself that there is no turning back.  I make inane comments about the hallways, trying to drive away my anxiety.  You patiently reply while scanning for our room.  It didn't take you long to find our door and you open it.  I memorize the number.  602.  It is a number that will hopefully forever be in my memories.  I walk into the foyer and feel for the light.  You push me against the wall and kiss me roughly on the lips, as the door slid shut.  I barely have the sense to make my hand graze the light switch.

In a few short minutes, the clothes I had chosen for you, the underwear I had specifically bought for you, are all on the floor.  You appreciate each piece as you remove it.  You take in every inch of my skin with hunger.  You burn me with your gaze.  Your hands are hot against my naked flesh.  All this and still I shiver underneath you.  I fully understood the cliche as you wrapped my body with pleasure.  You are my pleasurable mistake.You are my life's correction and my life's greatest sin.

Our eyes are locked as you unite with me.  You are such a wonderful creature.  It truly is unfair that you are preoccupied with a woman who cannot completely explore your wonders. 

Before the passion completely melted away into the afterglow, my mobile phone sounds off an alert.  Time is up.  The moment has passed.  It takes all of my willpower not to beg you to hold me for a moment longer.  I see in your eyes that you are not satisfied, as well.  What should have quelled our lust simply stoked its fire.  I pull on my clothes without any grace.  I am no longer a princess.  We talk as if nothing happened.  We return to the lobby and you pay for our sacred haven.  I treat you to dinner and we talk about work

It's the end of the day, you casually comment as you stare at the setting sun.
I nod and note that the day passed too quickly like all fleeting moments.

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